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Bordentown Friends Meetinghouse
Cultural Trust Capital Preservation Grant
Grant Award:
$50,000 (2012)
Grant Recipient:
Bordentown Historical Society

This brick building was constructed c. 1740 as a one-story structure and was raised to its current two-story height at a later date.  By 1878, the building was no longer needed for use as a meeting house.  At the start of the 20th century, the building was relocated to the rear of the lot to make room for the construction of a bank.  The bank later used the first floor of the meeting house for offices, and the second floor was remodeled for an apartment. It was acquired by the Historical Society in 1999 and restored for use as its headquarters and exhibit space in 2001.


The building is suffering from structural weakness and a structural crack, as well as moisture infiltration.


The 2012 grant will help fund stabilization and masonry repairs.


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