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Camp Evans Signal Laboratory
Cultural Trust Capital Preservation Grant
Grant Award:
$45,609 (2012)
Grant Recipient:
InfoAge Science History Center

This property was first developed in the early twentieth century as Marconi’s Belmar Wireless Communication Station, which was key in opening up worldwide wireless communication. It played an important role in establishing trans-Atlantic wireless communication during World War I. The U.S. Army took over the property during World War II and used the site, renamed Camp Evans, in the development of radar technology. Following the end of World War II the property remained important as a cold war radar technology and nuclear weapons research facility.


Under the control of the Army, the buildings were threatened a number of times with demolition. The nonprofit InfoAge Science History Center played a crucial role in preserving the site.  Following the closure of the base, the site was turned over to the township and InfoAge.  InfoAge currently leases 8 buildings, which are used as a learning and interpretive center.


The 2012 grant will help fund the installation of an HVAC system and interior repairs to the WWII radar laboratory building (Building 9010A), which was designed by New Jersey architect John T. Rowland and constructed in 1941 for radar development and production.

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