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Fairfield’s “Old Stone” Church
Fairfield Presbyterian "Old Stone" Church
Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Capital Preservation Grant, Level II
Grant Award:
$7,500 (2001); $112,734 (2004)
Grant Recipient:
Presbytery of West Jersey
Fairfield Township
Fairfield’s “Old Stone” Church is a finely preserved example of an early meetinghouse, which was constructed in 1780 by a Presbyterian congregation. The original Georgian interior, including the raised pulpit, remains intact. Without electricity and heated only by a stove, the only major exterior alteration is a change of roof cladding from wood shingle to slate.

The Trust grant funded the building’s structural stabilization, caused by the inappropriate installation of a slate roof in 1880.  The Trust previously funded a preservation plan that identified the structural threat.

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