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Hageman Farm and Wyckoff House
Hageman Farm and Wyckoff House
Historic Preservation Bond Program
Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Capital Preservation Grant, Level II
Grant Award:
$87,569 (1992); 749,579 (2004)
Grant Recipient:
Meadows Foundation
Franklin Township
The location, undisturbed by sprawl, is a prime example of a preserved rural environment. Occupied by only two families since 1756, the Hageman Farm and Wyckoff House comprise a typical 19th century farm. These properties reflect the development of a faming community where property names are all connected and diaries detailing this life can be visualized and matched to the actual setting.

The most recent grant funded an interior design report and archaeological investigation for the Hageman House, stabilization and exterior restoration of the dairy barn and roof replacement and exterior repairs to the Wyckoff House. A previous matching grant funded the temporary stabilization of the site's two barns.

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