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New Bridge Landing Park
New Bridge Landing Park
Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Grant Award:
$20,625 (2004)
Grant Recipient:
Bergen County Historical Society
River Edge, New Milford, and Teaneck

New Bridge Landing is significant for its association with the Revolutionary War battle fought at the site in 1776 and the location of a Native-American encampment. The park includes the Steuben House (a Dutch Colonial, brownstone house from 1713 with brick end gables), the Campbell-Christie House of 1774, the early-18th century Demarest House, the mid-19th century Westervelt Barn, and the foundation of a rare tidal mill.

The Trust grant helped fund the creation of a site management plan that will serve as a blueprint for the development of the site, examining site constraints and environmental context. The plan assessed properties on both sides of the Hackensack River, including land held by the State of New Jersey, Bergen County, Bergen County Historical Society, and the Township of Teaneck.

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