Application Process

The Revolving Loan Fund application has two parts, A and B. Applicants are urged to consult with New Jersey Historic Trust staff before submitting Part A of the application.

The Trust's Grants Committee reviews Part A of the application.  Download Part A of the Revolving Loan Fund Application

Eligible applicants with projects that are approved for further consideration will be asked to complete Part B of the application. Part B requests more detailed information, including proof of collateral, and must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $100. The Grants Committee reviews Part B and makes a site visit.

The Historic Trust's Board of Trustees makes a final decision, upon the recommendation of the Grants Committee. Review of applications and action on requests takes approximately three months. All loan awards must receive legislative approval before funds may be disbursed. Closing will be handled by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, which will service the loan.

Applicants are urged to consult with the Trust staff before applying for these funds. Applications are accepted at any time.

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