our vanishing past
"Our Vanishing Past" Available to Order on DVD

“Our Vanishing Past” is now available for purchase on DVD from the New Jersey Historic Trust.

OUR VANISHING PAST examines the important relationship between people and their architectural heritage, by focusing on New Jersey's struggle to retain its historical landmarks, including Wildwood's "Doo Wop" motels, Revolutionary War-era structures and safe houses on the Underground Railroad. This documentary features more than 30 historic places throughout New Jersey, from crumbling ruins in forgotten towns to spectacular restorations in major cities. The film looks at successful preservation efforts, from grassroots citizens groups to innovative developers and highlights the success stories in the fight to preserve and adaptively reuse buildings throughout New Jersey.

  • Meet some of the people on the frontline of historic preservation
  • See vibrant historic communities where New Jerseyans live and work
  • Learn what preservation tools have spurred economic revival

Produced by Lynn Kosek Walker. Executive producer is Janice Selinger. Narrated by Lester Holt. Major funding provided by the New Jersey Historic Trust, The 1772 Foundation, American Express, and the Holly Beach Public Library Association. Additional funding provided by the New Jersey Historical Commission and the Charles Edison Fund.

The DVDs are available to purchase for $5.00 per copy. This is the cost of reproduction and postage only. Click here to order your DVD.

Watch a preview:

Link to video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/a9y0GhxMpgs